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1812 Indefatigable

1812 Indefatigable Single Malt, Single Cask 14 Year Old French Oak Cask Whisky 50% ABV.

1812 Indefatigable Whisky has been produced exclusively for the Premier Liquor brand, with only 100 bottles made available in the world. The idea for naming the Whisky is derived from the fact that the Tasmania Distillery is owned by Patrick Maguire, a 4th generation descendent of a convict that was transported to Van Diemen's Land (now Tasmania) under the pleasure of His Majesty King George III with the first convicts leaving England in 1812 on the ship Indefatigable.

Tasmania Distillery produces Sullivans Cove, the leading Tasmania whisky which was recently named the world's best single malt whisky at the World Wiskies Awards 2014 in London, and is also holder of a numerous prestigious awards over the years. Made by traditional methods using only Tasmanian ingredients, it is not chill filtered nor are any flavours or colours added.

Each barrel is bottled individually to capture subtle variances that occur from barrel to barrel, the result is one of the best new whiskies on the market - insipired by nature and distilled with conviction.

1812 Indefatigable Limited Edition Whisky

1812 Indefatigable Limited Edition Whisky is only available from Premier Liquor. For more information please click below:

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